Saturday, September 2, 2017

Good Morning, or is it Afternoon?

Today has been a productive morning. I picked up my craft room and made sure everything was in its place.

I did my bible journaling of 2 scriptures.

I am coloring a page I had printed out a while back to use as a divider in my bible journal.

I have finished up a load of laundry. Load 2 is in dryer and load 3 is in washer.

Made our bed.

Swept craft room, bed room and bathroom.

Empty all trash in bathroom, bedroom and craft room.

Folded blankets that are on couch.

About to deal with load 2 and move over load 3. Start load 4. I am washing blankets, slippers, rugs, etc.

Need to clean breakfast items in kitchen.

Not much left in cleaning. Will work on a more intense bible study this afternoon.

Have an amazing day. It is nice and sunny here for the most part. Hubby is cutting grass and picking up the yard.

Do something fun today, and be sure and spend some time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Friday, September 1, 2017

What A Day!

Yesterday was quite a day!

I woke up to find we had no clean towels. Had to dry off with hand towels lol.

Banged my knee hard on my desk after my bible study.

Loss track of time and had to rush out the door for work.

Hubby texted me to call the doctor, the area where he took his shot had a huge bruise. Doc said it should be fine, he just took shot to high up and it had swollen alot right after and the bruising is from where it was taken.  Hubby is diabetic but just 2 weeks ago after over 20 years of being diabetic he had to start a shot once a week. Only other time he has had to do shots was right after the crane accident. As soon as he was out of all the hospitals we were able to get it under control again with diet and regular meds. He hasn't been sticking to the way we usually eat and we think that may be what is going on.  Hopefully the shots are temporary again.

As I am typing our cat is sitting next to me on the desk purring away.  When she was a tiny kitten she would sit here every morning while I drank coffee and read blogs. She has recently started doing it again.  She is 7 years old now. Usually our 5 lb yorkie poo is on my lap, but this morning she is playing with our middle daughter.

Today, so far, the plan is to meet a friend and her daughter for breakfast, drop dog off at groomers, pick her up about an hour later. Maybe run by work and pick up some modems that need to be returned to Cox. Have lunch with same friend. Target, Dollar Tree (maybe a few of these lol), Michaels, Hobby Lobby. The stores aren't absolute. Just some ideas. Oh and go to grocery to get what we need for supper. Then home to clean a little and do a little more involved bible study. Get planners ready for next week if they aren't already. Rest? Maybe. Spend time with hubby tonight/this afternoon if he gets off at usual time.

Oh, btw, I work Monday - Thursday. Love this work schedule as I have extra time off.

We are off Monday and will spend time with our children.

I hope to spend some time quilting this weekend. I haven't touched my current project in forever it seems like. I will post pictures if I work on it. Also pictures of the planners if I work on them.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Good Rainy Morning To You

Hello? I know you are out there. Please leave me a hi at least when you stop by. I would love to visit your blogs especially if you aren't in my list already.

So as you may or may not know I live in south Louisiana. We are praying hard for the people in Texas as we went through Katrina and Rita 2 weeks later.  We were affected more by Rita than Katrina and that storm brought as much flooding to our area as Katrina did to New Orleans. We are really praying for the people in the smaller less known areas around Houston. Just as with Katrina most of the help went to the big city because that is what they were hearing about on the news. We weren't really mentioned in the media. But the people here pull up their boots and help each other.

That is why as soon as we heard about the conditions in Houston and that area our Cajun Navy activated and went to help. Most are from areas around me and they will look out for the smaller areas as they remember Rita all to well. They will help in Houston also of course. Please keep these guys in prayer. They are giving up time at work and time away from their families for the sake of others. That is true love. They are risking their lives along with others to rescue and help as many as they can. They, along with all the others from Houston and around the country deserve our prayers as do the people they are helping.

Stay safe, stay dry, and spend some time today with the Lord.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Peek Into My Inspire Bible

Here are the pictures of the pages I have completed (a couple are still in the works but almost done).

Hope you enjoy them. Please leave me a comment if you stop by. I would LOVE to hear from you.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Update on our family

If you have read my blog in the past you know a little about our family. Here is an update if anyone is curious.

Our oldest daughter and her family are doing well. Our 18 year old granddaughter is a freshman in college. She wants to work with sick children and still researching how she wants to do that.  Their 15 year old son is a sophmore in high school.  He hasn't made a decision of what he wants to do after graduation. There is still plenty of time.

Our middle daughter's divorce is final. She is living here for the time being. Our oldest grandson just finished his freshman year in college. He is going to be a vet.  Her youngest son stays here every other week. He is 15 and a sophmore at a stem academy.  He is studying engineering. For now he wants to be an architect.

Our youngest daughter and her husband bought a home a couple months ago. They have 3 lots total so she will get her lifelong wish to have a small homestead. Their 4 year old is getting so big!  He is a country boy at heart and loves all the land.

Our son (our youngest child) and his wife bought a home in December. So far they only have fur babies. Two guinea pigs, two rescue dogs and a rescue cat that he helped raise with a bottle. 

My hubby is doing pretty well. He is able to hunt! We weren't sure with his injuries if he would be able to. Last year he killed a deer and two pigs. A week ago he killed another 2 pigs. He still hasn't had the reverse shoulder replacement. He is trying hard to avoid doing it and as long as he can do the things he loves (fishing and hunting) he won't have it. He has no pain since they cut the muscle that was causing the pain. They would have to cut it during the replacement so the surgeon did it when they tried the repair.  He will always have a limp and numbness down the side of the right leg, but he is dealing with that pretty well. 

I have to have some testing in a couple of weeks to recheck a spot on my liver and then in February I have to recheck a spot on my lung. Prayers, good thoughts, whatever positive you have would be appreciated.

I went back to work in November as the Lord dropped a job in my lap. I love the doctors I work for, they are both awesome. They will retire in about 5 years, and I will be ready to retire too.  So a good fit. 

Our little 5 lb yorkie poo, Ebbie, is spoiled rotten. The bigger dog is with a family with a lot of land. She is loving it and the children that are always around her. The family has 9 children lol.

Well I guess that is all for now. If you have questions I didn't answer please feel free to ask. 

Hi, my name is Kim and I have a blog lol

Well, I have had a blog for a long time now. Years in fact. And there are seasons when I post a lot, a little, in between those two, and not at all. I hope to remedy that. I hope to start posting more.

The theme of the posts are gonna vary (I have 3 or 4 other blogs and am consolidating them into 1).

Here are my current interests. Bible study, my family, cooking, quilting, planners, bible journaling and I am working 4 days a week again.

So I am 60ish, married 43 years to my amazing husband, we have 4 adult children and as of now 5 amazing grandchildren. The grandchildren are 19, 18, 15, 15, and 4.

Enough about me for now. I am gonna post a little something I feel God laid on my heart today.

I love spending time in God's word. But working 4 days a week makes it challenging. Given the chance I spend hours studying His word. My hubby belongs to a hunting lease so there are weekends he is gone all weekend. I spend hours then diving into the Word. It helps me to miss him less and I get closer to God at the same time!

Most work days I at least spend my coffee time scripture writing and praying. Some times I can get a little more than that done. It just depends on how much I need to do before leaving for work. Some days I need to put supper on in the crockpot (like tomorrow), other days we are going out to eat or hubby is cooking. Some afternoons when I get home I have a little while to spend in His word. Other days life takes over. I do always send up prayers throughout the day giving Him thanks, prayers for a friend in need, etc.

I do various types of bible study and will discuss some of them along the way.

Now let's talk bible journaling! I love reading scriptures (and writing them) , Also I like to write down what I get from the reading/writing. It's a way to remind myself later and helps me remember in the short term also. I am in my 60's after all lol.

Here is a picture of a recent entry in
my bible. I found the free sticker download on pinterest.

Here are some of the scripture writing and journaling that I have done recently in some of my planners (yes I have multiple.)

I think this is long enough. Next post will be about my washi addiction lol.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DITL (Day in the Life)

So today has picked up from yesterday. I did finish scrubbing the living room floor yesterday.
Did my bible study and then started on cleaning.

Today I am working in the kitchen. I really never got around to spring cleaning this year so that is my goal for now. To deep clean all my house.

So far I have moved the table and scrubbed the floor under it, washed out a bin that used to store large bags of flour. I want to use it as an extra bin for snack foods.

My oldest grandson has a weimaraner / german shepherd mix. She is HUGE. Almost 100 pounds. Our dog is a poodle/yorkie mix that weighs 5 pounds. They are great friends. Problem Nova (big dog) can reach the counter top, table, etc. And sometimes when they are left alone (they have food down so it isn't that she is hungry) she will get into various snacks that I get to clean up when I get home. So the bins will keep her out of things she shouldn't be getting into. We have custody of her right now and will until daughter is on her feet and finds some place to live that will accept her. Right now daughter is living with us. (Divorce in works). Her soon to be ex was making our grandson give up his dog. She is very well behaved and the most gentle thing. Just like my grandson. Grandson is 18 and 6'4" (well last time I measured him). I call him my gentle giant. We weren't gonna let him lose his dog (he is in college to become a vet) so we took her in. She sheds ALOT.

I also scrubbed the bin I keep laundry products in. Was dusty and a little detergent had spilled in it.

Our two youngest children are both married (all 4 of our children are) and live in apartments without washer/dryer hookups. So they come here to wash and dry clothes. Daughter comes one day during the week and usually on Sunday. Son or his wife usually come on Saturday. Son doesn't have children as of now and his employer takes care of uniforms so they have less laundry. Daughter has a 3 year old so lots of laundry lol.

Also today I have changed our sheets and washed our comforter. Washed up breakfast dishes. Talked to a friend on the phone. Talked to a friend's hubby who is a handy man and is working up a price to change out 2 windows for us.

Our home is over 40 years old and the windows (except kitchen which he changed last year) are that old and single pane. We are changing out the main room ones to help with cooling/heating costs.

I am handling our daughter's finances for her and she gets paid today, so I will be paying bills for her this afternoon.

This is her week with youngest son, (he's 14) so he will come here after school. He is a character and I love spending time with him (with all 5 of our grandchildren). He makes me laugh every day. The week he is with his dad I miss him.

Supper tonight will be us all going to a local chinese restaurant that we like. yummo

Alright off to put away morning dishes and decide on lunch.