Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i was tagged!

ok i was tagged by mere to define normal in my own words so here goes. i posted this at her blog too.

wow define normal... do you know how long it has been since i knew what normal was? lol. how about i define what i wish normal was? my wish for normal would be that all of my children and grandchildren lived within 20 minutes of us. that there was peace in all the world. that no one went to bed hungry, and that everyone had a safe place to sleep every night.
is that what my life is like? no way lol. our oldest daughter and family live over 900 miles from us. and you know the rest that there isn't peace and there is hunger and homeless. but one day, when our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ returns we will have peace, and everyone will be fed and have a glorious home in heaven.


Mere said...

AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!....and it's so true! Great job :) I will post tomorrow's challenge in the morning!!


Mere said...

You have another challenge waiting!!


Cris said...


FlipFlop Mom said...

You're normal is more normal than my normal