Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ok ok, here it is

Since I have been given comments and emails saying give us directions, here are some "loose " ones for the stockings lol.

Pick a fashion fabric (what will show on the outside), use muslin, etc for the lining, and whatever (I usually use a bleached or unbleached muslin) for the cuff.

Draw a pattern of a stocking onto freezer paper. If you have a stocking in a size you like, just trace around it. Iron that onto the fashion fabric and layer the fashion fabric (doubled) the muslin (doubled) and cut all of it out. Now take whatever you will use for the cuff and cut double the depth you want plus about 1/2 an inch. Cut it about 1/2 inch longer then it needs to be to go around the stocking. (double the cuff fabric, lay on top of the stocking fabric and cut lol).

Now, put right sides together on the fashion fabric, sew all the way around except for the top. Don't sew the top at all. Do the same for the muslin lining. Turn the fashion fabric, right side out. Leave the lining wrong side out. Slide the lining into the fashion fabric and sew around the top edge only. Now fold the cuff fabric in half and sew the short sides together. Turn right side out and press in half lengthwise. Slip that inside the stocking with the raw edges together. Stitch all the way around. Flip the cuff to the outside and write the name of your choice.

Clear as mud?


jayedee said...

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Basha The Czar said...

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