Monday, November 15, 2010

Ps 55

:1-5 David talks to God about his enemies oppressing him

:6-8 David really wants to flee the trial he was in at this time. Ever feel that way? No, trials are not fun to go through, if they were fun, they wouldn't be trials. Some are harder then others. But just as David couldn't fly away from his, we can't run from ours. We have to go through it, not over it. It is how we grow our faith.

:9 Brings him back to God asking for God to destroy them.

:10-11 He continues to document to God what they have done. Do you think God needed a full accounting of what they did to David? Or for that matter from us when people do something wrong to us? Now I am not saying don't tell God, but don't tell Him over and over.

:12-14 Here David explains it was a friend. Those wounds are always the ones that hurt the most aren't they?

:15-19 He asks God to deal with them again.

:20-21 He again talks about what was done to him

:22-23 He says he will trust God.

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