Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Conversations with the enemy

Have you ever had a conversation with the enemy? You may not think so but you have. Maybe even this morning.

Let's look at the very first conversation with the enemy.

It is found in Gen 3.

Gen 3: 1-13

Just as God is real, there is a real enemy. We don't walk around looking for the enemy under every rock, but we need to know he is real.

Is 14 Lucifer became full of pride and wanted to be above God

Rev Angels continually sing Holy, holy, holy

There is no match or comparison to God.

When we get to heaven and see the enemy with spiritual eyes we will be surprised that this little thing caused so much trouble for us here on earth.

Jn 10:10 The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy

Gen 3:5 Your eyes will be open, this was truth, you will be as gods, this was not, you will know difference between good and evil, this was truth.

He will always wrap the lie in just enough truth to get you to believe it.

Gen 3:12 Adam blamed all of it on Eve

Lessons learned from the first conversation with the enemy:

1. Made her desire the one thing she couldn't have

Instead of being thankful and focusing on what we do have, we often focus on the one thing we can't have and are miserable.

2 Doubted what God had told them

Gen 3:1 The enemy questioned what God had told them and got her to doubt. The enemy brought doubt to the very words of God.

When God gives us promises in His word, the fist thing that happens is the enemy comes with doubt.

God will never question what He has already told you.

Matt 3:16-17 Jesus gets baptized, heaven opens, the Spirit of God comes down and speaks that this is God's Son

Mat 4:1 Jesus was led by the Spirit to the wilderness

Matt 4:2 the enemy comes when He is at His weakest and questions whether He is God's Son

Jesus answered him with the word of God. That is our greatest weapon when the enemy tries to talk with us other then not having the conversation at all with him.

4. Don't engage in the conversation in the first place.

Gen 3:2-3 By talking with the enemy she allowed him to cause her to doubt. She shouldn't have continued to carry on the conversation. We do the same thing in our mind thinking we are reasoning things out but it is the enemy talking with us sometimes. Even if you have peace with a decision, if it goes against what God has promised or told you it is not the right decision.

5. She made a choice to disobey God

Gen 3:6

She changed her perspective about the tree and fruit based on the conversation she had with the enemy. Before when she looked at the tree it was undesirable because God had forbidden it, now it was the one thing she had to have. When she took it and ate it she chose to disobey God.

God only gave free will and choice to mankind. He will never cross your free will.

God could have stopped her from eating it. He saw her, He sees everything. But He wouldn't cross her free will. When we are tempted we also have a choice to make.

Jesus had a choice when it came to the cross. He chose to go to the cross for us.

6. She hid herself from God

Gen 3:7-10

Until verse 10 there was no fear. Once sin entered fear entered. When we sin our first response if fear and to hide.

God can't restore anything that is kept hidden. He knows it is there. We can't hide anything from Him.

The longer you try to hide the greater the fear becomes.

Gen 3:21 God made garments of skin for them. This is the first account of shedding of blood for sin.

Even with their sin, God still loved them. Just as when we sin, He still loves us, but not our sin.

7. Identify the enemy

Gen 3:13 She came clean with God

She admitted being deceived and sinning.

At the end she did the right thing.

Women have a good sense of identifing the enemy. She didn't see it while it was happening, but she did in the end.

When God asked her she didn't run and hide or blame Adam. She told God exactly what happened.

No matter how bad your sin is you can come clean with God and ask His forgiveness.

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