Monday, November 5, 2007


Three times in the past few days I have heard about young people overdosing, or in one case a local 10 year old committed suicide at the school he attended. This is so very sad.

Why is the suicide rate, addictions rate up so high? People have lost hope. They think that there is nothing worth living for, no one who cares, ... fill in the blank. This should not be so. There are record number of people who claim to be christians. Where are they? Are they, am * I * reaching out to the hurting world? Am I telling them that Jesus loved them so much that He died for them? Can they not see the hope I have? Am I hiding it? If so why?

I am sitting here in tears for our young people. Why have they lost their hope at such a young age? What would cause a 10 year old to hang himself? Did no one see he needed help? What was so bad in his life that he would prefer to end it? How at 10 could he have lost all hope?

I realize that the devil is really fighting hard to get our young people.BUT WHAT ARE WE DOING (YOU AND I) TO STOP HIM????

Please reach out to all the young people in your life. Tell them there is hope. His name is JESUS.


Mere said...

AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! This sooo sad. Jesus heals it all....This post blessed me today....Thanks!
<3 Mere

Amy Grant Bayliss said...

I feel the same why. I was a youth leader and I saw and heard things that still make me choke back tears when I think of them. Jesus is the only answer. I am praying with you...

God's blessings from one cajun to another!