Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 things

I have been tagged by Daphne's Diary to list 5 things material and 5 things spiritual.

5 things material on my wish list.

1. To be out of debt completely (this should happen by the end of this year!)
2. To get hubby a new used boat (we are working on this, he is looking for one now and about to put his up for sale)
3. To get a quilting sewing machine
4. To remodel our 3 bedrooms
5. To get new sink and cabinets in kitchen and tub surround in bathroom

5 things on spiritual wish list

1. Do devotions daily (working on this one)
2. To be more like the proverbs 31 woman
3. To be the older woman that God wants me to be so I can encourage the younger
4. For all my family to be saved and serving God
5. To grow closer to God everyday in some way


FlipFlop Mom said...

I think you do #3 quite well!!! Ü

Love the lists!!!!!

Mere said...

Ok've been tagged...Hop to it!!