Thursday, September 9, 2010

September 9, 2010

I am doing some studying on the fear of the Lord. Here are notes from today.

Lk 4:4-15 Jesus tempted by the devil. Jesus used the Word of God against the devil and that is what we should do also.

Fear (reverential fear) of the Lord is what will keep you from sinning.

There is good fear (reverential ) and bad fear. Adam had bad fear when he hid when naked before the Lord. Good fear draws you closer to God, not causes you to hide from Him.

We should seek daily to link our heart to God's.

Pr 8:13 Fear of the Lord is the hatred of sin.

God hates sin so much, He will not compromise with it and neither should we.

Lev 19:2 Be holy because God is holy.
Mal 2:5 Be afraid or in awe of God's Name.
Ex 3:14 He is the I AM. What do you need? That is what He is.
Ps 33:8-9 God spoke and it was done, do we really need more reason to fear Him?
Heb 1:3 He upholds all things by His Word.
2 Pet 3:7 The heavens and earth are kept by His word
2 Pet 3:13 He will bring new heaven and new earth by His word
Ps 22:22-23 We are to praise Him and give Him glory as we fear Him

We need to take God seriously.

Matt 10:26-28 He knows everything, instead of fearing man who can kill the body,and not the soul, we need to fear God.

Acts 5:1-13 God will reveal your sin. He struck down Ananias and Sapphira because of their lie. It was their money, they could have just said they wanted to give some of it instead they lied and said they would give all.

Ps 99:1-3 The Lord's Name is holy.
Ps 2:10-11 We are to serve with fear
Ps 119:120 We should fear God's judgment
Jer 5:22 We should tremble at His presence. He placed the sand as boundary for the sea.
Jer 9:23-24 We need to know God and glory in Him

When we have understanding of God's unconditional love for us, demonstrated by the price He paid for our redemption at Calvary, we will always feel safe and secure in Him.

Ezra 9:4, 10:3 We should tremble at His word

My greatest need is to have a far greater revelation of what God is really like.

God doesnt reward causual inquiries, only diligent seekers.

We must be careful in our studying and time with God that it doesn't become routine, that we do it with out absorbing what He is saying to us.

Obedience because of Who God Is

Gen 22;12 Because he feared God, Abraham was going to do as God said and sacrifice Issac.

When you argue with God or delay obeying Him, it shows a lack of fear.

Jonah 1:9 Jonah said he feared the Lord, but his actions proved he didn't.

Jonah 1:14-16 the others on board feared God

The consequences of disobedience are always harder then the act of obedience, no matter how hard. When we disobey we come under God's judgment.

Ps 130:3-4 When we repent God forgives us

The more we learn of God and Who He is, the easier it is to obey Him.

The fear of God is evidenced in our lives by instant, joyful, and total obedience to God. That is biblical obedience. Anything else is disobedience. Delayed or partial or obedience with murmuring is disobedience.

Heb 11:5 He rewards those who diligently seek Him.

When God gives us something to do, we need to keep the emphasis on who He is not what He wants us to do.

Alot of times we don't understand why God wants us to do something. It is not important that we understand why, it is important that we obey.

Pr 3:5 Don't rely on your understanding but on His.

Pr 28:26 He who trusts in his own mind is a fool.

Lk 22:42 Not my will, but Yours.

James 4:7 Resist the devil when he tells you not to do something God has called you to do

Jn 10:3-4, 27 His sheep hear His voice and follow Him

Ps 32:8 He will show us the way and teach us

Ps 34:11-13 Lips free from deceit

Pr 28:13 He who conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.

WHen God requires obedience without explanation, it is one way your faith is built.

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