Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Say No

Matt 3:8-9

John was not afraid to talk about the wrath of God.

It is an unpopular topic among proud unrepentant people. Go to the next person. Sometimes people won't accept the gospel as truth so we make it acceptable to them. We adjust the message we were given to tell. We are not supposed to change it. We are warned in the Bible to not change it. Yet people change it to fit what they want it to say.

John was very holy and they knew it or they would have called him out for whatever he was doing wrong.

Some are teaching that you can repent and yet not change. That is so very false. There must be fruit showing you truly repented. When you repent it is not a one time thing. God will continue to show us areas we have to repent. That is normal. We are not perfect.

People try to claim their ancestors repentance as their own. That doesn't work. There comes a time when you are of age and held accountable for yourself. Once old enough to be accountable you (and your children) can't get into heaven on your parents coat tails. You must stand on your own. You must work on getting holy by doing what God has told you to do, And then DO IT! Repent of those things you know God has called you to change. And then change them. For good. Remember the devil will return with the package again to tempt you. He knows your weakness. Don't open the door. It is ok to not let him enter.

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