Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13, 2015

This morning as I was praying and thinking I was reminded that even if you only take one small step, you are still making forward progress.

My husband has been through alot the last few months since his accident. He is making slow but steady progress. That is enough. At least he is moving forward.

Do you ever feel like you are standing still or going backwards? Remember God will give you enough strength and guidance for today. That is all we are to concentrate on. Tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. We can hope for tomorrow, but we need to live today. Don't let the concerns of tomorrow steal the joy you can have in today. If things are going badly today, take joy in the fact that Jesus Christ died for you. No matter how bad today is that won't change. During the first few days after my husbands accident, it was difficult sometimes to not get overwhelmed. Our lives changed completely in the couple seconds it took for him to fall 6 foot off a crane onto concrete. But God was faithful and showed me I could find joy in the fact that my husband lived. And even though there were times I was really scared, really tired, really overwhelmed with all the decisions, I was overjoyed that my husband was alive. The few months since then have been stressful. But we have been together and he is getting better every day. His attitude is amazing! He never says he can't do whatever therapy asks him to try. He tries. Everyone has said his progress is amazing and alot of it has to do with his attitude.

We know people who are very negative. The can never find anything in their lives to be joyful about. If they know Jesus they should find joy in that, but sadly some don't. I pray for them daily that God would show them they are miserable (which most of them admit to) because they choose to not try and look for something, anything to be joyful about. Especially their salvation.

Hab 3:18Yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my salvation.

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