Monday, September 29, 2008

A year already!

I just noticed when I signed in to blog that I started this on September 18. Wow a whole year. Amazing.

Well I have made a decision. I have decided that while I can't control how people treat me, I can control how I react. So I am gonna try really hard to stay joyful in spite of the way people treat me. I am gonna try to pray for them when they upset me or hurt my feelings or ignore me. And go on with my day and not let it cripple me.

I really think I have been so sick lately between colds, headaches, intestinal issues, because of the stress from all of this. So if I can not let it affect me maybe I will start to feel better physically and maybe I will start sleeping again.

Pray for me, cause I really need the help.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Morning!

How are you doing today? Are you blessed beyond measure? Even with the turmoil around here, I still know in my heart that I am blessed beyond measure. I hope you are too.

Today, I think I will take it easy. I will do a very few dishes throughout the day, no laundry as I did it all yesterday. Floors were mopped on Monday, so that is ok. I will swipe the bathroom, make my bed, and either nap, rest, quilt, or play games on the puter today. And supper will be very easy, either leftovers, or tuna casserole.

I pray you have a blessed day today, and remember no matter what you face today in your life, good or bad, if you have the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you are not alone. He is there with you through every moment. I think the devil had tried to convince me that He wasn't. But I know He is and that makes everything bearable.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm tired....

I am physically, emotionally, tired. Exhausted. Worn out.

The second hurricane, Ike, was alot less severe for us then Gustav was. For alot of people here in south Louisiana that wasn't the case though unfortunately. Most areas that were still waiting to have the area accessible for the utility crews to get in and restore their power and water, reflooded and alot of the areas flooded worse then with Gustav even though this time they didn't take a direct hit. We did have alot of tornadoes for Ike since we were on the "dirty" side of the storm. We personally were fortunate and other then the fence leaning a little more, we are safe. And for the most part came through this untouched. But the stress of not knowing where it will hit for a few days, and how badly it will hit your area, well until you have been through one it is hard to understand.

Add to that the fact that emotionally I am feeling wrung out right now. Well that is not a good combination let me tell you. And for anyone thinking, oh it is menopause, well for your information I am now officially through menopause and have been for awhile. So if you make me cry, sad, mad, angry, you fill in the blank with whatever you want other then happy, and joyful, well it is because you are treating me badly and being what I like to call a jerk. It can't be blamed on menopause. It can only be blamed on your bad manners, or attitude. And I am tired of it. What gives anyone the right to treat another person with disrespect and disregard. Do I do that to anyone? I honestly hope not. I am tired of only being good enough to talk to when you need or want something from me. I am tired of being ignored. I am tired of only being good enough to do something for me if you want something from me. I am tired of being the only one who cares.

So what is then the answer? Do I try to stop caring also? Sorry that isn't gonna happen. But I will stop "bothering " you. Cause that is how I feel sometimes. Like I am bothering people. So from now on, I will wait until you have time for me. Maybe I just have bad timing and when I approach people they don't have time. Well that won't be a problem anymore. Cause I won't make the approach. I will wait for you to decide you have time for me. But I am refusing to be used, or made to feel like I am being used any longer. So if I am again put in a position that I feel is being used, well I will learn to say no. Politely, kindly, but no. I am done. Obviously other then my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I am the only one looking out for me. And while He wants me to be kind, considerate and helpful, He doesn't want me to be a doormat. And as of now I am no longer one. And I refuse to feel guilty about telling people no. Cause that has been a big one for me. Saying no I mean. I will say yes just not to feel guilty about saying no. I have a right to say no. People say no to me all the time.

Sorry, I know this has not been my usual kinda post. But I needed a chance to vent.

And now back to our regular programming.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prayers are requested

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, but we have been dealing with a little storm called Gustav. Alot of people in the area have alot of damage, and there are still great numbers without electricity or drinkable water. Some have no water at all.

The prayers are that Ike will not hit this area. We are still in a mess here, and alot of people are trying to go into the worst hit areas and will not be able to get warning if Ike is headed there.

I will be posting regularly soon again I hope.

We had minor damage and are doing ok.