Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ok ok, here it is

Since I have been given comments and emails saying give us directions, here are some "loose " ones for the stockings lol.

Pick a fashion fabric (what will show on the outside), use muslin, etc for the lining, and whatever (I usually use a bleached or unbleached muslin) for the cuff.

Draw a pattern of a stocking onto freezer paper. If you have a stocking in a size you like, just trace around it. Iron that onto the fashion fabric and layer the fashion fabric (doubled) the muslin (doubled) and cut all of it out. Now take whatever you will use for the cuff and cut double the depth you want plus about 1/2 an inch. Cut it about 1/2 inch longer then it needs to be to go around the stocking. (double the cuff fabric, lay on top of the stocking fabric and cut lol).

Now, put right sides together on the fashion fabric, sew all the way around except for the top. Don't sew the top at all. Do the same for the muslin lining. Turn the fashion fabric, right side out. Leave the lining wrong side out. Slide the lining into the fashion fabric and sew around the top edge only. Now fold the cuff fabric in half and sew the short sides together. Turn right side out and press in half lengthwise. Slip that inside the stocking with the raw edges together. Stitch all the way around. Flip the cuff to the outside and write the name of your choice.

Clear as mud?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some thoughts on Hurricane Ike a couple of months later

Yesterday I went fishing with my hubby. We like to go out to a place in southwestern Louisiana. Not unusual cause we live in southcentral Louisiana lol. But anyway back to my thoughts. Hubby had been out there since Ike hit but I hadn't. It was both sad and inspiring at the same time.

Sad cause the same homes that were destroyed 3 years ago by hurricane Rita, were again destroyed by hurricane Ike. Sad cause just like 3 years ago when all the focus was on New Orleans and helping the people there, these people who had as much storm surge as New Orleans, and as much flooding, because they are rural area, got no help financially to rebuild. No one showed up in buses to bring them supplies to rebuild their homes. And now with Ike everyone is focused on Galveston and Houston. Do I think that New Orleans, Galveston and Houston don't need or deserve the help? I absolutely think they do. But so do the rural areas.

The inspiring part comes from seeing the areas that they have already cleaned up and the homes that are being rebuilt. These people are doing what people in these areas where I live do. They are getting out there and doing the clean up and repairs and rebuilding themselves. Not waiting for someone to show up with a handout or a truck load of people to do it for them. Cause they know it will be a long wait if they do. So they are going lot to lot and doing it together. And it is surprising how much of the area around homes they have cleaned of marsh grass. But you only have to look on the other side of the road, or at the lots that are empty to see the reminder of just how far inland Ike flooded in this area. It is a desolate sight. It made me sad. Cause I know that next year, the same thing could happen again.

So you might ask, why do I stay here? Well see I stay here because of the people. They are resilent, they are not afraid of hard work, they are not waiting for handouts, they are hoping for hands to help. And as the area is cleaned up it again will be a beautiful scene and a tranquil sight. I love the area of south central and south western Louisiana. If you think you have visited Louisiana and have only visited New Orleans, trust me you haven't seen anything of how Louisiana really is, and how great the people really are. You have seen a party face that they have said is Louisiana. All our towns love to have festivals and a good time. But on this side of south Louisiana, we are family friendly. You won't find a street full of strip joints around here. You will find lots of good food and friendly people. You will find lots of fun things to do as a family. You will find alot of people who are proud of their heritage and happy to share that information with you.