Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Matt 3:3-7

Matthew quoted old testament often to prove Jesus fulfilled the prophesies.

John's entire ministry was to prepare people for Jesus' arrival.

John wasn't living a prosperous life. He was the exact opposite of a prosperity preacher.

His appearance may have scared some people. He wasn't the normal preacher.

True repentance requires you to own up to your sin. Not justify or excuse it. Jesus won't accept excuses or justification. Only us admitting our sin, humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness. Not what most are hearing from the pulpit today. Thankfully where I go to church he calls sin, sin.

In verse 7 those coming weren't coming in repentance. That is why he called them out. They were just following the crowd. Not repenting at all.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Ready?

Matt 3:1-2 John's message was to motivate people to repent. It was to show the way of the Lord. God requires us to repent for salvation. If there is no change of lifestyle there is no repentance. If there is no heart change there is no life change. John was telling them God was on the way, it was time to get ready. How do you get ready for God? You do what God has told you through His word, etc that He wants you to do. It requires you to live according to the word of God. We know that God is merciful and giving people time to accept Him as Savior. But He is also waiting for us to get right with Him. There is more to being ready for His return then just accepting Him as Savior. Will some be surprised who think they are ready? I believe so. I pray I am not one of them. Are you ready?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

God's Guidance

Matt 2:19-23 Sometimes God leads through dreams, but mostly He uses the bible to lead us. He gives us mostly general guidance in the bible, He gives more specific guidance in a few ways but we must listen to the general guidance of the bible before He will give specific. In everything He trains us with the smaller more general things first. We must be faithful in the small before we are ready for the bigger things. Joseph's first specific guidance was to go to Israel. That is a large area. After reaching Israel he was given more specific of where to go.This is how Jesus ended up in Nazareth. In order to learn the specific plans God has for us we must take the first step.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Only Jesus Could Do It

Matt 2:14-20 Jesus may have been a little older then a baby. Using what the Magi told him, Herod ordered all males under 2 years old killed. Ever wonder why God didn't warn the other parents about what was coming? We could ask that question about every tragedy that has ever happened. Only God knows why. That is something very hard to accept isn't it? But God is wise, and all knowing. He had to have a reason. And we have to accept that. Many children lost their lives during that time. Jesus later gave his life for many billions of people. He had to be saved at that time so He could later lay down His life for many. Only He could do it because His Father was God.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keep your eyes on Jesus

Matt 2:3-9 When the Magi asked where the King of the Jews was, Herod was troubled and so were the others. He asked the priests about it and they told them in Bethlehem quoting Micah. You would think since the kings were there asking about Him, the ones who knew (everyone in Jerusalem) would have rushed the 6 miles to see Him! The Jews were looking for the Messiah and they are the ones who said where to find Him. Amazes me that they didn't go to see Him. Herod quieting asks the Magi when exactly the star appeared. He tells them go find the child and then come and report back to me. He said he wanted to go worship the baby, but what he really wanted was to kill Him. Since they didn't report back to him, he ordered all babys 2 and under it could have taken that long for them to get there. The star is still there so it hadn't left, they did take their eyes off of the star. God could have told them exactly where to find Jesus. Instead He told them to follow the star. He wanted them to trust Him to lead them. He wanted them to follow in the little steps before He gave them the big picture. How often do we get weary in doing the small things God is directing us to and never get to the big things? Try to keep your eyes on Him. I will be doing the same.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do you take the long way around?

Mt 1:22- 2:3 Jesus became 100% man, but never became less then 100% God. Mary was not a perpetual virgin as some believe. She was only a virgin until she delivered Jesus. She had other children that were for Joseph. We say there were three Kings, but it doesn’t say how many there were. We assume three because there were three different gifts. They traveled a long and hard way to find Jesus. They knew they were coming to worship the King of the Jews because God had given them the information. They missed Jesus by six miles when they went to Jerusalem. Jesus was in Bethleham. Did the star disappear for a little while? No one knows. Maybe they saw it was close to Jerusalem and assumed that is where they were going. Maybe they took their eyes off the star for a night or two when they thought they knew where it was leading them. You never do that right? Yea, me either sigh. I imagine if they didn’t take their eyes off the star it would have led them straight to Jesus. But they eneded up taking a detour. They still found Him. Just as I (and you?) get back on track once we realize the way we think God is leading us is not the way He wants us to get to the destination. We still get there, but we go the long way around sometimes. How much easier my life would be if I would not get alittle of God's guidance and think I know where we are headed and decide to lead the rest of the way. Maybe one day I will finally get that message and not forget it.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Submission no matter what

In 1 Peter chapter 3, we read the example of godly women who submitted to their husbands, even though their husbands were not believers, and even at times when they were wrong. But these women had a secret. They exercised the grace of submission toward their husbands, but they trusted in God! Even when they couldn't trust their husband's decision, they trusted God.
God is bigger than your husband! Remember that. When you think your husband is wrong and leading you down a wrong path, trust God. God will work for you as you put your trust in Him. Twice Sarah was taken into a harem, but she put her trust in the Lord and God delivered her!
Be encouraged by these wonderful Scriptures with three powerful words. God delivered Sarah because she trusted Him!
Genesis 12:17, "And the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram's wife."
Genesis 20:18, "For the Lord fast closed up all the wombs of the house of Abimelech because of Sarah."
Now I know the above talks about women with unsaved husbands. But remember, even if your husband is saved, you are held accountable to the same standards. This word is for you also. Sarah and Abram both knew God. Abram was saved. Yet Sarah had to submit! Even if your husband is a godly or backslidden man, you still are putting your trust in God when you submit to him. God is bigger then the godliest man. Don't forget that.
God dealt with me many years ago about submission, but every now and then I need a reminder. What about you?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Matthew 1:19-23

Matt 1:19 Righteous people don't desire to disgrace others. Jesus asked why are you trying to pick the speck out of your brothers eye when you have a log in your own? He also said if your brother sins against you don't broadcast it right away. The first step is to go to your brother privately. Love covers a multitude of sins. There is a time for exposing hypocrites, etc. But how would you like it if when you sin, immediately God made sure everyone you know knew what you had done? Show others the same mercy and grace you want God to show you. Give them an opportunity to make things right. They are the only one who can make it right. Telling others (immediately without giving them the opportunity to make things right) just makes things worse. Even though he had nothing in the past to point him in the right direction as far as Mary's pregnancy was concerned, Joseph jumped to a conclusion. And a wrong one. That is the problem with jumping to conclusions, they are usually wrong. But since he was righteous he was going to quietly take care of the situation. He didn't want to expose what he thought of as Mary's sin. He loved her. Once God gave Joseph insight into the truth it changed everything. Has that ever happened to you? You were so sure you knew what was going on in a situation and then received insight that proved you were totally wrong? It has happened to me and I bet if you are honest it has to you too. Mt 1:20-21 God tells Joseph through an angel that the child is His. To name Him Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins. Mt 1:23 Immanuel God with us.