Wednesday, August 24, 2016

DITL (Day in the Life)

So today has picked up from yesterday. I did finish scrubbing the living room floor yesterday.
Did my bible study and then started on cleaning.

Today I am working in the kitchen. I really never got around to spring cleaning this year so that is my goal for now. To deep clean all my house.

So far I have moved the table and scrubbed the floor under it, washed out a bin that used to store large bags of flour. I want to use it as an extra bin for snack foods.

My oldest grandson has a weimaraner / german shepherd mix. She is HUGE. Almost 100 pounds. Our dog is a poodle/yorkie mix that weighs 5 pounds. They are great friends. Problem Nova (big dog) can reach the counter top, table, etc. And sometimes when they are left alone (they have food down so it isn't that she is hungry) she will get into various snacks that I get to clean up when I get home. So the bins will keep her out of things she shouldn't be getting into. We have custody of her right now and will until daughter is on her feet and finds some place to live that will accept her. Right now daughter is living with us. (Divorce in works). Her soon to be ex was making our grandson give up his dog. She is very well behaved and the most gentle thing. Just like my grandson. Grandson is 18 and 6'4" (well last time I measured him). I call him my gentle giant. We weren't gonna let him lose his dog (he is in college to become a vet) so we took her in. She sheds ALOT.

I also scrubbed the bin I keep laundry products in. Was dusty and a little detergent had spilled in it.

Our two youngest children are both married (all 4 of our children are) and live in apartments without washer/dryer hookups. So they come here to wash and dry clothes. Daughter comes one day during the week and usually on Sunday. Son or his wife usually come on Saturday. Son doesn't have children as of now and his employer takes care of uniforms so they have less laundry. Daughter has a 3 year old so lots of laundry lol.

Also today I have changed our sheets and washed our comforter. Washed up breakfast dishes. Talked to a friend on the phone. Talked to a friend's hubby who is a handy man and is working up a price to change out 2 windows for us.

Our home is over 40 years old and the windows (except kitchen which he changed last year) are that old and single pane. We are changing out the main room ones to help with cooling/heating costs.

I am handling our daughter's finances for her and she gets paid today, so I will be paying bills for her this afternoon.

This is her week with youngest son, (he's 14) so he will come here after school. He is a character and I love spending time with him (with all 5 of our grandchildren). He makes me laugh every day. The week he is with his dad I miss him.

Supper tonight will be us all going to a local chinese restaurant that we like. yummo

Alright off to put away morning dishes and decide on lunch.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


So trying things a little different today. Hopefully this will help me to be consistent with blogging. 

So today started out with plans to deep clean the living room. After my bible study (and breakfast) I started on the cleaning. Things went pretty well till about 12:30. I managed to reorganize my desk, vacuumed really well (hard wood floors) and mopped about half of the floor. 

Took a lunch break and then the call came. 

The bus my grandson rides home from school (well one of them) wasn't going to be running this afternoon so he would need to be picked up from school at 2:06. No problem I would leave the house about 1:30 and be there in plenty of time.

 His school is a STEM academy (he's in 9th grade taking engineering).

 It is on the other side of town from us. Arrived there around 2 and got in the looonnnngggg line and waited. Finally about 2:25 I was at the area where they call out the child's name. Went up a little further to where the child is supposed to be waiting. No grandson. I ask and they tell me I will have to go inside and see what's up. I decide to call his cell and see if he has turned it back on. Thankfully he had. Only to tell me he is boarding the second bus he takes to come to my house. UGH. The bus that wasn't running was the one he takes from second school to his dad's house. That is not what the message said. He beat me back home lol.

Came home finished up the mopping of living room and now have started supper. 

Supper is pork chops in a gravy, rice and baby lima beans. Yummy can't wait to eat. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Jn 15:9-14
:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.
Are you willing to lay down your life for you family/friends?
What about for people who don't like you?
Jesus did it for EVERYONE. Even for the ones who hung Him on a tree. If they repented and accepted Him as Savior they became His.