Monday, February 21, 2011

Rebekah - How marriages jump the tracks

Gen 24-29 tells the story of their marriage.

During the 5 chapters life happened. The end is far different from the beginning.

Godly characteristics of a wife

1. To leave their family

Gen 24:58-61

:60 When they blessed her in this way they didn't know the promise God had given Abraham.

Gen 2;22-24 This doesn't mean you never see or speak to your family.
It means your relationship with them changes.

Our husband should have the position in our life our family had.

You have to learn to work things out when there is a problem.

2. Prioritize your husband.

Only God should have a place above your husband.

Yes little children take a lot of your time. But that is why it is important to have a bed time routine. To give the parents some alone time.

As children get older, their activities can take as much of your time as the children did when they were younger if you aren't careful.

It is easy to lose your connection with your husband if you aren't careful.

3. Be a helper to our husband.

God has given us different abilities then our husband. We are on the same team. We shouldn't work against each other but together.

Gen 24:67 She was doing things right in the beginning.

4. Submit to your husband.

Submission is not a bad word.

Submission is voluntarily cooperating with anyone out of love and respect for God first, and then out of love and respect for that person.

Does that mean it will be smooth sailing? No. But first you must learn to submit to God, then the rest comes easier.

Doesn't mean you don't give input into decisions. But in the end it is the husband's decision. He will be held accountable by God for that decision. We will be held accountable to God for our submission.

You don't submit to illegal or ungodly things. But in every thing else we must submit. It doesn't mean you are a doormat. You have the right to voice your opinion. It is on them if they don't consider our input before making a decision. Even if it is a bad decision, if you submit, God will take you through the consequences.

5. Respect your husband.

Ep 5:33

Respect to your husband is what love is to you. They go hand in hand.

If he doesn't get it he will shut down and become defensive.

Respect means to honor and esteem. To be thankful for the provision, protection, leadership they bring to the family.

Your words should mean the most to him. If that isn't the case, it is between him and God and God will hold him accountable.

Gen 26

What started so beautifully became so ugly. Life can get you and your marriage off track if you aren't on top of things. You can't assume things will go well if you don't work at it. You are only responsible for your part in the marriage. It is how you get back on track after problems that will determine the end result.

Once all of your children are grown and moved out, it will be just the two of you. Does your husband have a responsibilty in the relationship? Absolutely. But you are only responsible for your part. That is what you will answer to God for, not his part. You must work on your marriage now if you want a good one in the future.

Gen 26:35 The boys were a source of grief to their parents.

Gen 27:1 Isaac was old and could not see.

The oldest son would get the blessing.

Rebekah loved Jacob more and Isaac loved Esau more.

The child who causes you the most problems is the most like you.

Because another child may be easier to handle, they may appear to be your favorite if you aren't careful.

Rebekah makes Jacob appear to be Esau so he gets the blessing.

She deceived her husband. She chose her son over her husband.

Job says the latter days can be better then the former days. But you must work at it.

Because of her deception, Jacob had to run from Esau. Jacob was grown and took part in the deception. He later was deceived when he wanted to marry Rachel.

What goes around comes around as they say.