Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good Morning!

How are you doing today? Are you blessed beyond measure? Even with the turmoil around here, I still know in my heart that I am blessed beyond measure. I hope you are too.

Today, I think I will take it easy. I will do a very few dishes throughout the day, no laundry as I did it all yesterday. Floors were mopped on Monday, so that is ok. I will swipe the bathroom, make my bed, and either nap, rest, quilt, or play games on the puter today. And supper will be very easy, either leftovers, or tuna casserole.

I pray you have a blessed day today, and remember no matter what you face today in your life, good or bad, if you have the Lord Jesus Christ as your Saviour, you are not alone. He is there with you through every moment. I think the devil had tried to convince me that He wasn't. But I know He is and that makes everything bearable.


FlipFlop Mom said...

I did have a good thursday!!! It was a blessed day... tiring.. but good!!

Mere said...

I JUST read this...and I have to is so TRUE!! I think we should broadcast this on TV...more people need to hear it!!

Love, Mere