Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A great man

Today would have been my father-in-love's birthday. I say would have because he passed away a few years ago. I miss him. He was more of a father to me then my dad ever was. I was so blessed to meet him when I did. And even more I was blessed that he treated me like a daughter.

Was he perfect? No, no one is perfect expect Jesus Christ. Did he make mistakes? Absolutely, but who among us hasn't. But he loved deeply. Even though he had a hard time showing it for most of his life. The last few years, he got better at it and for that I will always be thankful. During those years my husband was privileged to develop a close loving relationship with his dad. And during those years he learned how loving his father could be to him. And for that he will always be thankful.

This man was a sharecropper for years raising his family on almost nothing. He was a hard worker who taught my husband that you work hard for the person you work for. That a job worth doing is worth doing well even if the person you do it for doesn't appreciate it. He taught my husband that you stand up for what is right and you protect the people you love. He taught my husband that you respect your elders and under no circumstances do you allow anyone to disrespect your wife. He later became a deputy sheriff and retired from the sheriffs department. He had reached the rank of Captain. He was admired among his peers and even officers on the city police and state police knew his name. He was respected as a man who always told the truth even if it wasn't pleasant.

I am so thankful that my hubby has his dad's good qualities. Yes his dad had some not so good qualities. Don't we all? But he gave my hubby the best ones he had and because of those my hubby didn't take the bad ones too. And for that I am grateful.


jayedee said...

how fortunate you are to have had a man like this in your life, girl! and even more fortunate that he imparted his wonderful qualities to your wonderful husband!

Mere said...

You are so blessed to have had him in your life and that he influenced your husband! God is looking down on you and so is your father-in-love!

Love, Mere