Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1st already!

Wow do you realize we are almost at the end of another year? This year has gone by fast. And at times I am glad, and at times I am sad. The grandchildren are growing up so fast. There are times I wish I could slow down time. Then there are the situations that come up that you just want to be done with and I wish I could speed up time. Anyone else feel that way? Maybe it is just me.

Well it is official we will need a new central heat unit. Sigh. I will purchase some small electric heaters on Friday when Lester gets paid and we will use them until we see if/how much his end of year bonus is. Hopefully he will get one and it will be enough to buy the heater part at least. It would be great if we could change out the a/c part too. The system is 18 years old so we definitely got our moneys worth from it, but things are so expensive now and we have no savings after the price of gas has gone up so much and caused everything else to go up. And now this. We were hoping he would get a bonus and we were gonna change out our front window and blow insulation into the attic to help with utility bills. But now with the heater, we will have to wait another year for all of that.

The blessing in all of this is that we found out before lighting the pilot. Because it could have been dangerous if the pilot had lit. So God protected us and for that I am very thankful. I also know that He will provide a way for us to be warm this winter. I am also thankful for that. Seems there are lots of things during this month of thanksgiving that I can be thankful for. hmmm maybe I will try to remember this month to post a thing every day I am thankful for this month. Want to join me? If so let me know so I can check out your blog and rejoice in your thanksgivings with you.


Mere said...

I know exactly how you feel...time has gone SO fast! Praying for Lester's bonus and your heating unit!!

Love, Mere

jayedee said...

i feel for you girl! our central ac/heat died last year. thank goodness we live somewhere we can get away without the heat, because we still can't afford to replace it!
prayers going up for a HUGE bonus check!