Thursday, November 27, 2008

A post for Alexis

My sweet little girl said she thought I would blog about her accident. So here it is. Some of you already know the story cause I called or emailed you for prayers right when it happened. For the rest of you, here is the story of her accident.

Last Sunday evening we got a call from Keri, Alexis' mom. She was very upset, and said Alexis had fallen and hurt her leg very badly. What hospital was close? See they recently moved back here from North Carolina. They tried to carry her, but she was in sooo much pain, they called the ambulance to pick her up. They took her to the nearest hospital with orthopedic on call. The pediatrician saw her first. He had x-rays taken of her knee and then said they needed more x-rays. He said he knew the knee was dislocated, but he thought from the x-rays the tendon was torn. So we waited for the othropedic to arrive. He looked and said he needed more x-rays, but that he would put the cap back in position before taking them so that he could see the tendon better and access the damage. So he had her put under and when he straightened the leg, the cap slid back into place on its own. He had the x-rays taken to be sure but told us that 98% of the time that happens the tendon is fine. Well God came through and the tendon was intact and no surgery!! She is in a velcro cast and will be for 6 weeks and probably have to have physcial therapy after that to strengthen the muscles, etc, but no surgery is a great thing.

Ok Alexis, here is the post you were waiting to see lol. Hope you are happy with it.

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jayedee said...

every single day! God is good every single day! hope you had a lovely turkey day!