Thursday, April 9, 2009

Silly me

I got tangled up in the power cord of hubby's laptop last night and started to fall. I tried really hard to stop myself, but couldn't so I went sliding down the hall on one knee. When i stopped sliding I hit the other knee, a shoulder and both wrists. Sigh. I have almost no skin on the knee I slid on. Hubby's laptop hit the floor also. But amazingly enough it is working fine. And other then sore, I am ok also. Such is a day in my world.


Mere said...

Hope your knee gets better! I'm glad it wasn't worse though! Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Love, Mere

FlipFlop Mom said...

How are you doing now??? I'm sorry I haven't asked.. I've been to immersed in my own little pouty world lately to ask!! Forgive me!

Yvette Burleigh said...

Oh my! Glad you're ok, but sorry about your knee. You sound like me.... flying through the room tripping on something! LOL! Mom's Night Out is this Monday. Hope to see you there! Also... trying to get back to my blogging. Homeschool convention is finally over and I can breathe! LOL~