Monday, January 28, 2013

Are You Ready?

Matt 3:1-2 John's message was to motivate people to repent. It was to show the way of the Lord. God requires us to repent for salvation. If there is no change of lifestyle there is no repentance. If there is no heart change there is no life change. John was telling them God was on the way, it was time to get ready. How do you get ready for God? You do what God has told you through His word, etc that He wants you to do. It requires you to live according to the word of God. We know that God is merciful and giving people time to accept Him as Savior. But He is also waiting for us to get right with Him. There is more to being ready for His return then just accepting Him as Savior. Will some be surprised who think they are ready? I believe so. I pray I am not one of them. Are you ready?

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