Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Keep your eyes on Jesus

Matt 2:3-9 When the Magi asked where the King of the Jews was, Herod was troubled and so were the others. He asked the priests about it and they told them in Bethlehem quoting Micah. You would think since the kings were there asking about Him, the ones who knew (everyone in Jerusalem) would have rushed the 6 miles to see Him! The Jews were looking for the Messiah and they are the ones who said where to find Him. Amazes me that they didn't go to see Him. Herod quieting asks the Magi when exactly the star appeared. He tells them go find the child and then come and report back to me. He said he wanted to go worship the baby, but what he really wanted was to kill Him. Since they didn't report back to him, he ordered all babys 2 and under it could have taken that long for them to get there. The star is still there so it hadn't left, they did take their eyes off of the star. God could have told them exactly where to find Jesus. Instead He told them to follow the star. He wanted them to trust Him to lead them. He wanted them to follow in the little steps before He gave them the big picture. How often do we get weary in doing the small things God is directing us to and never get to the big things? Try to keep your eyes on Him. I will be doing the same.

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