Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do you take the long way around?

Mt 1:22- 2:3 Jesus became 100% man, but never became less then 100% God. Mary was not a perpetual virgin as some believe. She was only a virgin until she delivered Jesus. She had other children that were for Joseph. We say there were three Kings, but it doesn’t say how many there were. We assume three because there were three different gifts. They traveled a long and hard way to find Jesus. They knew they were coming to worship the King of the Jews because God had given them the information. They missed Jesus by six miles when they went to Jerusalem. Jesus was in Bethleham. Did the star disappear for a little while? No one knows. Maybe they saw it was close to Jerusalem and assumed that is where they were going. Maybe they took their eyes off the star for a night or two when they thought they knew where it was leading them. You never do that right? Yea, me either sigh. I imagine if they didn’t take their eyes off the star it would have led them straight to Jesus. But they eneded up taking a detour. They still found Him. Just as I (and you?) get back on track once we realize the way we think God is leading us is not the way He wants us to get to the destination. We still get there, but we go the long way around sometimes. How much easier my life would be if I would not get alittle of God's guidance and think I know where we are headed and decide to lead the rest of the way. Maybe one day I will finally get that message and not forget it.

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