Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I owe, I owe so off to work I go

How many of you remember that little ditty from a few years ago? Here is what the bible says about owing.

Romans 13:8 Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law.

I read an email this morning that made me look up this scripture cause yes, I am up on my soapbox this morning lol.

As you know if you read my bio, I am in my 50's. So I have grown children and grandchildren. Manners, saying thank you, please etc have always been important to me and thankfully my grandchildren are all being raised with manners also. Our one grandson is a handful some days, but the one thing you can count on is he will tell you please and thank you. Even as a 3 year old he consistently would and the day care providers were always amazed at that fact. The moms get comments all the time on how polite the children are. Did this come about by chance? No way. They were taught from an early age that this was how things were done. Even something as small as giving them a glass of juice will get you a thank you.

So let's talk about how most children react now a days. How many times have you given a child in your life, not only your child, but neices, nephews, children of friends, and have gotten nothing, no thank you, no card or note. What are we teaching our children by allowing them to think they deserve whatever they are given? I believe that we are teaching them that the world owes them something. This is wrong! They will be truly shocked when they find out the world doesn't owe them anything. They will also have a harder time learning to be polite to people that they really need to be polite to if they want to make a living.

While I am up on this soapbox, let me address something else that I disagree with.
Children are a part of a family. They need to be taught that as a part of a family they have certain responsibilties to others in the family. If you believe, as some do, that your children need to be happy all the time, you are doing a huge disservice to them. Are you as an adult happy all the time? If so please share your secret with us. They need to have things that they do to help out the family. Chores, etc. Everyone as an adult has things they don't want to do that they have to do, and children need to learn that that is part of life. Never requiring anything of them other then play is not teaching them the things they will need as an adult, and basically other then teaching them about Christ as their Savior that is one of our main jobs as moms.

Alright I am stepping off now. May the angry posts begin lol.

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FlipFlop Mom said...

HA!! You know I'm not angry!!! I'm saddened by it all... :( And these are suppose to be "future" missionary's children... :(

You know I agree 100%. My kids will get my foot up their hiney if they don't use their pleases and thankyou's.. even at 12 and 17... HA HA!!