Monday, June 9, 2008

A pickle of a weekend

What does that mean you ask? Well it means I canned 9 jam jars of plum preserves on Saturday, and hubby put up 11 pint and 3 jam jars of bread and butter pickles this weekend. The preserves turned out much better then last year and Kaci and I had some on toast this morning. Yum! And hubby and I sampled the pickles last night and they are wonderful as always!

Today I am making a cucumber and cream cheese spread/dip with leftover cucumber from supper last night. I love this time of the year when I can walk out the back door every day or two and get another cucumber for supper. YUMMY!

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Mere said...

FABULOUS! My Grammy is 67 years old and she and my 75 year old Popey still have a 1 acre garden and can and do all that good stuff! It's my fave..and I love to help!!