Monday, May 11, 2009

Lesson 8 Speaking with kindness

Little member is what God calls the tongue, but great blessings and great evils flow therefrom.

1. The virtuous woman speaks with kindness (pr 31:26). Discuss positive ways you can use your tongue from :

ps 34:1-3 blessing the Lord at all times
pr 12:25 speaking good words to people
pr 16:23-24 Pleasant words are health to the bones and sweet to the soul
pr 12:18 tongue of the wise is health
pr 15:1 speak softly and not grievously

2. Give an example of someone who recently ministered to you with their speech. Explain why their words were so meaningful.

I recently prayed for a friend without knowing if something was going on at the time, just felt led to pray strongly for her. Found out later that she did indeed need prayer at the time and it encouraged me to know that I was following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I feel that I miss it and it is encouraging to know that I didn't.

3. When it is impossible or impractical to overlook an offense, why is it best to talk directly to the party involved before discussing the matter with anyone else?

Pr 25:9-12 Because they are the only one who can do something about the offense
Mt 18:15 they may not realize you were offended and then can make things right
Lk 17:3-4 We need to forgive them if they ask us to

4. From the passages listed below, what is involved in being a wise reprover?

pr 9:8-9 rebuke a wise man not a scorner

pr 25:15 we must be long forebearing

Gal 6:1 We must do it in a spirit of meekness

eph 4:15 speak truth in love

col 4:6 let your speech be with grace

1 sam 25:23-25

5. Define flattery.

false praise, commendation for the purpose of gaining favor or influence, or to accomplish some purpose.

6. Why does someone flatter?

see the definition

7. Why is it wrong according to:

pr 12:2 a good man receives favor from the Lord

pr 12:17-19 truth shows forth rightousness and flattery is a lie

pr 26:28 a flattering mouth worketh ruin

pr 29:5 flatters set a trap for the one they are flattering

8. Why does someone nag?

usually because they are not getting their way

9. Describe the effects of nagging based on:

pr 19:13
pr 21:19
pr 25:24

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