Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lesson 9 Esther A woman of temperance

Read chapters 1-7 of Esther.

1. Describe King Ahasuerus.

2. Describe Esther.

3. Do you believe there is a connection between her maturity in responding to wise counsel and her fruit of temperance? Explain. (Esther 2:10, 15, 20)

4. How does knowing the will of God (4:14) help one control one's actions?

5. In what ways did Esther model victory over self-gratification (4:11-17)?

6. How did she exemplify control over her tongue (5:1-8, 7:1-6)?

7. What actions did Esther take to ensure self control (5:1-8: 7:1-6)?

8. What benefits came from her victory?

9. How did her temperance help others?

10. Titus 2 used the example of refusing wine when setting forth temperance. Can you name other areas, besides wine, that might entangle a woman's life?

11. Why is self control a requirement for teaching others?

12. Explain how some things which are good in themselves can be bad by misuse (PR 24:13, 25:16, 27).

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