Thursday, December 27, 2012

Matthew 1

Matthew quotes the old testament alot to prove Jesus was the Messiah. His main audience in teaching was the Jews.

Matthew was living what he was writing. All he had to teach about was what old testament prophecies he was seeing lived out.

It starts with the genealogy of Jesus. Gen 22:18 And through thou seed all the nations of the world will be blessed; because thou hast obeyed My voice.

That was what was told Abraham when he was willing to sacrifice Issac.

Abraham and David were both promised Christ would come from them. Jesus fulfilled both promises.

Even though it gets tedious reading through all the names and let's face it they are difficult to pronounce, there are little nuggets of information scattered in them.

Look at Matthew 1:6 Solomon was born to David, and to her that had been the wife of Urias. Rmemeber the old testament story of David seeing her and taking her. Then when she turned up pregnant and her husband had been off at war, David had him brought home hoping to make him and everyone believe it was his baby. When Urias wouldn't sleep with her, David arranged for him to be killed in battle.

Ever sin and think you are no longer of use to God? Did you truly repent of that sin? Then just as once David truly repented God could use him, God can use you. But remember David had consequences from that sin. His baby died that was conceived in that sin. So just as he had to face his consequences so do we.

Also hidden in here is a little history. It says in verse 11 that they were carried away to Babylon.

So far in 11 verses we were reminded of a covenant, of a scandal, and a little history. Always read over the names and see what hidden gems you can find.

In verse 16 Joseph is born who would later marry Mary.

In verse 18 we learn of Jesus birth. We have heard it so many times that we don't always pay attention to it now.

Back then engagements were very serious. Although they wouldn't have marital relations if they didn't go through with the marriage, they had to have what amounts to a divorce.

Joseph realized Mary was pregnant. Because he was a rightous man, he was merciful. He didn't want her stoned so he was gonna get out of the marriage quietly. He loved her and didn't want her hurt.

Righteous people don't desire to disgrace others. Remember the speck and the log in the eye.

Go to the one who offended you and privately try to work it out.

Seek God about how to handle the situation. That is what Joseph did.
Joseph assumed Mary had been unfaithful. He sought God and found out the truth. Sometimes what we think is true is not. Things are not always how they seem. All of this fulfilled the old testament prophecies.

Joseph was told to name Him Jesus. Verse 23 says Emmanuel means God with us.

Even though Jesus became man He was no less God then before He was born.

Mary and Joseph married but she remained a virgin until the birth of Jesus. Once He was born she was no longer a virgin.

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