Saturday, September 2, 2017

Good Morning, or is it Afternoon?

Today has been a productive morning. I picked up my craft room and made sure everything was in its place.

I did my bible journaling of 2 scriptures.

I am coloring a page I had printed out a while back to use as a divider in my bible journal.

I have finished up a load of laundry. Load 2 is in dryer and load 3 is in washer.

Made our bed.

Swept craft room, bed room and bathroom.

Empty all trash in bathroom, bedroom and craft room.

Folded blankets that are on couch.

About to deal with load 2 and move over load 3. Start load 4. I am washing blankets, slippers, rugs, etc.

Need to clean breakfast items in kitchen.

Not much left in cleaning. Will work on a more intense bible study this afternoon.

Have an amazing day. It is nice and sunny here for the most part. Hubby is cutting grass and picking up the yard.

Do something fun today, and be sure and spend some time with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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