Friday, September 1, 2017

What A Day!

Yesterday was quite a day!

I woke up to find we had no clean towels. Had to dry off with hand towels lol.

Banged my knee hard on my desk after my bible study.

Loss track of time and had to rush out the door for work.

Hubby texted me to call the doctor, the area where he took his shot had a huge bruise. Doc said it should be fine, he just took shot to high up and it had swollen alot right after and the bruising is from where it was taken.  Hubby is diabetic but just 2 weeks ago after over 20 years of being diabetic he had to start a shot once a week. Only other time he has had to do shots was right after the crane accident. As soon as he was out of all the hospitals we were able to get it under control again with diet and regular meds. He hasn't been sticking to the way we usually eat and we think that may be what is going on.  Hopefully the shots are temporary again.

As I am typing our cat is sitting next to me on the desk purring away.  When she was a tiny kitten she would sit here every morning while I drank coffee and read blogs. She has recently started doing it again.  She is 7 years old now. Usually our 5 lb yorkie poo is on my lap, but this morning she is playing with our middle daughter.

Today, so far, the plan is to meet a friend and her daughter for breakfast, drop dog off at groomers, pick her up about an hour later. Maybe run by work and pick up some modems that need to be returned to Cox. Have lunch with same friend. Target, Dollar Tree (maybe a few of these lol), Michaels, Hobby Lobby. The stores aren't absolute. Just some ideas. Oh and go to grocery to get what we need for supper. Then home to clean a little and do a little more involved bible study. Get planners ready for next week if they aren't already. Rest? Maybe. Spend time with hubby tonight/this afternoon if he gets off at usual time.

Oh, btw, I work Monday - Thursday. Love this work schedule as I have extra time off.

We are off Monday and will spend time with our children.

I hope to spend some time quilting this weekend. I haven't touched my current project in forever it seems like. I will post pictures if I work on it. Also pictures of the planners if I work on them.

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