Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Good Rainy Morning To You

Hello? I know you are out there. Please leave me a hi at least when you stop by. I would love to visit your blogs especially if you aren't in my list already.

So as you may or may not know I live in south Louisiana. We are praying hard for the people in Texas as we went through Katrina and Rita 2 weeks later.  We were affected more by Rita than Katrina and that storm brought as much flooding to our area as Katrina did to New Orleans. We are really praying for the people in the smaller less known areas around Houston. Just as with Katrina most of the help went to the big city because that is what they were hearing about on the news. We weren't really mentioned in the media. But the people here pull up their boots and help each other.

That is why as soon as we heard about the conditions in Houston and that area our Cajun Navy activated and went to help. Most are from areas around me and they will look out for the smaller areas as they remember Rita all to well. They will help in Houston also of course. Please keep these guys in prayer. They are giving up time at work and time away from their families for the sake of others. That is true love. They are risking their lives along with others to rescue and help as many as they can. They, along with all the others from Houston and around the country deserve our prayers as do the people they are helping.

Stay safe, stay dry, and spend some time today with the Lord.

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