Sunday, August 27, 2017

Hi, my name is Kim and I have a blog lol

Well, I have had a blog for a long time now. Years in fact. And there are seasons when I post a lot, a little, in between those two, and not at all. I hope to remedy that. I hope to start posting more.

The theme of the posts are gonna vary (I have 3 or 4 other blogs and am consolidating them into 1).

Here are my current interests. Bible study, my family, cooking, quilting, planners, bible journaling and I am working 4 days a week again.

So I am 60ish, married 43 years to my amazing husband, we have 4 adult children and as of now 5 amazing grandchildren. The grandchildren are 19, 18, 15, 15, and 4.

Enough about me for now. I am gonna post a little something I feel God laid on my heart today.

I love spending time in God's word. But working 4 days a week makes it challenging. Given the chance I spend hours studying His word. My hubby belongs to a hunting lease so there are weekends he is gone all weekend. I spend hours then diving into the Word. It helps me to miss him less and I get closer to God at the same time!

Most work days I at least spend my coffee time scripture writing and praying. Some times I can get a little more than that done. It just depends on how much I need to do before leaving for work. Some days I need to put supper on in the crockpot (like tomorrow), other days we are going out to eat or hubby is cooking. Some afternoons when I get home I have a little while to spend in His word. Other days life takes over. I do always send up prayers throughout the day giving Him thanks, prayers for a friend in need, etc.

I do various types of bible study and will discuss some of them along the way.

Now let's talk bible journaling! I love reading scriptures (and writing them) , Also I like to write down what I get from the reading/writing. It's a way to remind myself later and helps me remember in the short term also. I am in my 60's after all lol.

Here is a picture of a recent entry in
my bible. I found the free sticker download on pinterest.

Here are some of the scripture writing and journaling that I have done recently in some of my planners (yes I have multiple.)

I think this is long enough. Next post will be about my washi addiction lol.

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