Sunday, August 27, 2017

Update on our family

If you have read my blog in the past you know a little about our family. Here is an update if anyone is curious.

Our oldest daughter and her family are doing well. Our 18 year old granddaughter is a freshman in college. She wants to work with sick children and still researching how she wants to do that.  Their 15 year old son is a sophmore in high school.  He hasn't made a decision of what he wants to do after graduation. There is still plenty of time.

Our middle daughter's divorce is final. She is living here for the time being. Our oldest grandson just finished his freshman year in college. He is going to be a vet.  Her youngest son stays here every other week. He is 15 and a sophmore at a stem academy.  He is studying engineering. For now he wants to be an architect.

Our youngest daughter and her husband bought a home a couple months ago. They have 3 lots total so she will get her lifelong wish to have a small homestead. Their 4 year old is getting so big!  He is a country boy at heart and loves all the land.

Our son (our youngest child) and his wife bought a home in December. So far they only have fur babies. Two guinea pigs, two rescue dogs and a rescue cat that he helped raise with a bottle. 

My hubby is doing pretty well. He is able to hunt! We weren't sure with his injuries if he would be able to. Last year he killed a deer and two pigs. A week ago he killed another 2 pigs. He still hasn't had the reverse shoulder replacement. He is trying hard to avoid doing it and as long as he can do the things he loves (fishing and hunting) he won't have it. He has no pain since they cut the muscle that was causing the pain. They would have to cut it during the replacement so the surgeon did it when they tried the repair.  He will always have a limp and numbness down the side of the right leg, but he is dealing with that pretty well. 

I have to have some testing in a couple of weeks to recheck a spot on my liver and then in February I have to recheck a spot on my lung. Prayers, good thoughts, whatever positive you have would be appreciated.

I went back to work in November as the Lord dropped a job in my lap. I love the doctors I work for, they are both awesome. They will retire in about 5 years, and I will be ready to retire too.  So a good fit. 

Our little 5 lb yorkie poo, Ebbie, is spoiled rotten. The bigger dog is with a family with a lot of land. She is loving it and the children that are always around her. The family has 9 children lol.

Well I guess that is all for now. If you have questions I didn't answer please feel free to ask. 

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