Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pr 30, Ps 35, 2 Sam 5

Pr 30

:5 Every word of God is pure. He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.

Lord I put my trust in You.

Ps 35

:28 And my tongue shall speak of Thy righteousness and of Thy praise all the day long.


2 Sam 5

:1-4 The elders anointed David King when he was 30 years old. He reigned for 40 years.

:5-10 David grew great and the Lord was with him.

:11-16 David took more wives and concubines and had more children.

:17-19 The Philistines heard David had been made king and came out against him. He sought the Lord and the Lord said He would deliver the Philistines to him.

:20-21 David won the battle.

:22 Again the Philistines came out against David

:23-25 Again he sought the Lord and the Lord gave him instructions of what to do and again he defeated the Philistines.

Ever inquire of the Lord about a situation? Do you pay attention to what He says to do about it? Do you forget to even ask Him sometimes?

Sometimes I think I have it all figured out and know exactly what God would have me do in a situation. But the second time David sought the Lord he was given a different way of going against the Philistines. Probably cause if he went out the way he did before they would be ready for him. So the Lord had him go around the back. If we don't seek God, and listen and follow His direction, even though what we think is the right thing to do cause it worked in the past, may not be right this time. It is important, no imperative, that we seek and listen each time, in each situation, even if it is one we have found ourselves in before.

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