Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Exodus 16-28

Ex 16:1-3 They had just seen the miracle God did for them at the Red Sea and already they are murmuring and complaining. Sound familiar? Know people who nothing is ever enough for? Are you ever like that?

16:4 God rains manna down for them

16:8 Moses reminds them that they are murmuring against the Lord not against Aaron and Moses. Do you ever think about that when you are murmuring about something not going the way you want? You (and I) are not murmuring against the situation or the person you think you are murmuring about, you are murmuring agains the Lord. Sure puts it in a new perspective for me.

16:28 At this point they really didn't have many commandments or laws to follow and they couldn't even follow about the manna.

17:3 again they are murmuring this time about water, now I understand water is important but once before the Lord had provided water, why did they doubt He would again, He was providing food for them every day. But instead they kept murmuring and looking back to Egypt. And today we still do the same sometimes. sigh, truly nothing new under the sun.

17:4-6 The Lord provides water from the rock

17:10 Moses holds up the rod and they are winning, when he puts it down they are losing.

17:11 He gets tired and they give him a rock to sit on and hold up his arms. Ok let's be honest here, sitting on a stone with people on either side of you holding up your arms while you hold a rod, not the most comfortable thing especially since he did it ALL day. But what I found interesting is Moses didn't murmur or complain and neither did the men holding up his arms.

18 Moses' father-in-law comes to visit and gives him good advice about judging the people.

19:1-8 God speaks with Moses

20 God gives Moses the ten commandments.

20:19 The people tell Moses to speak to God for them and to report to them, they are afraid to approach where God is.

23:22 But if thou shalt indeed obey his voice (the angel He is sending) and do all that I speak; then I will be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.

Want God on your side? verse 22 tells you how.

24:3 After Moses tells the people all the things the Lord has told him they say " All the words which the Lord hath said will we do"..
Time will tell won't it?

For the next few chapters God is giving the information to Moses of how he wants the ark, tabernacle, etc built.

28:33 at the bottom of the priest garment so that they could tell he was still alive after going into the holy of holys

Here are the words to a song about the priest and the bells

The high priest would move
Through the temple
With bells around the bottom of his skirt
And as he prepared an offering there
The sound of the bells could be heard
Now there in the Holy of Holies
A sinful priest surely would die
But the sound of the bells sent a message
To all those who waited outside

The bells are ringing, He's alive
Oh yes, the sacrifice is worthy
A sound that cannot be denied
The price has been paid
And as our hands are being raised
Let His holy name be praised
Tell every nation, every tribe
The bells are ringing, He's alive

Now Jesus was born the Messiah
A man sent to save other men
And scripture proclaims,
He is the high priest
Who offered Himself for our sins
And cold was the tomb
Where they laid Him
And there only silence was found
But on the third day
The stone rolled away
And the whole world
Woke up to the sound


Open up your heart and listen
Tell me what do you hear
It's the sound of salvation
Ringing He's alive
And there's no need to fear

CHORUS (repeat)

In every nation, in every tribe
The bells are ringing, He's alive

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