Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exodus 29 - 40

29 talks about preparing the priests, how to make sacrifices,

30 gives instructions to build the altar

31 talks about the sabbath and keeping it holy

32 While Moses is with the Lord getting all of this, the people want Aaron to make them gods and he does, Moses intercedes on behalf of the people. Aaron is a priest and yet he went along with making a false god.

Moses threw down the tablets God wrote on and destroyed the idol. 3,000 were killed because of the idol.

33 God allows Moses to see his back

34 God gives Moses the commandments, etc again

When Moses come down from being with God his face shone from the Lords glory

35 the people bring offerings

36-39 the work on the tabernacle, etc is started

40 The work is finished and sacrifices made, when the Lord inhabited the tabernacle the people stayed where they were, when the cloud rose they moved to another place.

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Mere said...

Hey you!
I love seeing places in the bible where God gives instruction and then someone chooses to listen/not brings me back to the reality that not everyone in biblical times was PERFECT. Thank God we aren't alone!

Love, Mere