Monday, January 4, 2010

Gen 41-50

This reading ends Genesis. Tomorrow I start with Exodus.

41:1-7 Pharoahs two dreams

41:9 Butler finally remembers his promise to Joseph

41:16 Joseph gives God the glory even before he knows the dream. He had faith God would interpret the dream.

41:43 from a lad sold into slavery to the ruler over Egypt - God can do amazing things with us when we are obedient.

42 Joseph's brothers come for food

43 They return with Benjamin

45 Joseph reveals himself to them

45:26-27 I wonder what Israel thought when they told him about selling Joseph when he was young.

47 Israel died

48 Israel gave Joseph's younger son the older ones blessing just as Israel stole Esau's

49 Israel blesses his children before he dies

50:20 What they meant for evil God used for good. May all that is planned evil against me be turned to good by God.

50:25 Joseph says to bring his bones out of Eqypt when they leave.

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Mere said...

This is one of my favorite biblical passages in Genesis!

Love, Mere