Friday, January 1, 2010

Want to hear something strange

About three weeks ago I woke up dizzy. Not slightly dizzy, falling down trying to walk dizzy. Went to doctors, and no I didn't drive, my 19 year old son did. Turns out I have a case of benign postitional vertigo. So am taking antivert, doing exercises, and still battling a little dizziness off and on, but nothing like the first 3 days.

Here is the strange part. Wednesday my oldest daughter calls me and says she is at work, just stood to go to copier, and she is very dizzy. I go get her and take her to doctor and she has the same thing. Benign postional vertigo in the same ear I have it in. Now this is NOT contaigious, yet we both got it. I find that strange. So if you think about it Keri and I could both use prayers that this goes away fully soon. It is no fun being dizzy.


Mere said...

Hey darling!
I'll be praying for you and Keri. That is SO weird!! I can't believe you both have it in the exact same place. CREEPER!!

Love, Mere

Little Moose said...

About the vertigo (dizziness) - this is going to sound really silly, but there are these chrystals in your ears, and if they are misaligned, you'll end up with dizziness. (You can read about it here: My gram had this happen, the Dr had her do some specific movements with her head and neck, and this fixed the problem.

Many Blessings,