Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gen 29-40

First of all let me say how I am approaching this read through the bible. I am approaching it as if I have never read them before (I have read through the bible many times before) and that I don't know what is coming. I find I get more from the readings that way. I usually learn something new from that approach or notice something I may not have seen before. So while I may appear surprised by the turn of events as I post, I really know the end of the story. Ok so here are the notes from today and there are quite a few as a lot of stuff happens in these chapters.

30:3 Rachael did exactly as Sarah did when she couldn't conceive at first. I am sure the story was passed down. Just as our children don't want to learn by our lessons, back then they didn't either. There truly is nothing new under the sun.

30:38 Jacob cheated his father-in-law by causing the offspring to be speckled He caused the stronger offspring to be his own.

31:2 Sounds like Jacob was surprised his in-laws didn't look at him the same, and were unhappy with him. I can't imagine he thought what he was doing would make them happy. I understand God allowed it to happen and I realize that Laban wasn't always fair with Jacob, but repaying evil for evil isn't right either.

31:14 Sounds sorta like Rachael and Leah were only concerned about their inheritance and not that they would no longer be with their father and family.

31:19 Rachael stole from her father.

31:20 Jacob didn't gie his wives a chance to say goodbye.

31:22 It took 3 days for them to tell Laban Joseph had left, I wonder why?

31:31 Jacob says he was afraid Laban would take his daughters, but God had told Jacob to go, he didn't trust God to work it out. Sound familiar? I struggle with that sometimes too.

31:35 Rachael lied to her father

32:7 Jacob was afraid again, this time of Esau. If he wouldn't have done what his mother said that he had to realize at the time was wrong, he wouldn't have to be afraid now. Rebekka, Laban and Rachael were all related, and they all acted badly toward others, surprised?

32:14-19 He was gonna bribe Esau if he had to instead of trusting God since God told him to return. Next time you have trouble trusting God, remember so did Jacob and how his turned out. God comes through every time when He tells you to do something. He will never leave nor forsake you and He will equip you to do what He has called you to do.

32:24 Did you catch he wrestled WITH him not against? Ever spend a night wrestling with God about something? God is not against you. It is you who are wrestling with Him.

35:10 Jacob's name is changed to Israel

35:18 Rachael dies in child birth

35:29 Issac dies

37:3 says Israel loved Joseph more then the others and then he sends him to spy and tattle, this can't end well. (yes I know it is all part of God's plan, but if I had never heard the story before this is how I would be thinking at this point)

37:9 This boy was 17 and had no tact.

37:18-36 And here God takes over what is meant for evil and uses it for good. I love when He does that.

38:12-15 Judah didn't follow through on his promise.

38:24 And Judah's sin comes back to him. Sin will always eventually be revealed

39:8 Joseph refuses the master's wife and thereby begins the path God wants him on.

40:1-23 Joseph interpets the dreams in prison.

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