Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The end of the fence saga

Well they showed up about 5:30 last night and fixed the fence mostly in the dark. they used the wrong size wood for the one that had to be replaced, but hubby said it was ok, and if I really hate the way it looks he will replace it himself. When they were done and knocked to see if it was ok, hubby said yes, but he really wished they would have had the boy helping. Their comment was, he would not have done a good job. Hubby said, that is the whole point. He needs to be taught to take responsiblity for his actions and learn to do it right.
Sigh, they just don't get that this wasn't about having them fix the fence, hubby would have done a much better job of it and quicker. It was about the boy learning a lesson.

The boy's name is Joey, please pray for him.


Shannon said...

I wanted to respond to this when I saw it come through but my phone is ringing off the hook! :-)

I'm sorry that they didn't understand it was the fact the kid needed to learn the lesson himself, not have a bandaid put over the mistake and have it wiped away. When I was a kid I broke a window with a rock, we were just playing around, and my mom made me go talk to them and I had to rake leaves for like three weeks every couple of days to make up for it. It's the lesson involved that we don't hurt other people's things and even if it's an acccident, we need to fix the mistake ourselves!

Kudos to you for trying to teach him something, and I'm sorry the other parties invlved didn't catch on.

MugwumpMom said...

As a restorative justice volunteer mediator, I can appreciate and admire your desire to have the boy learn to own his actions and make amends for them. The fact that someone else "made good" damage he caused won't go far in teaching him to take responsibility. You're right..too bad the others didn't get it.

FlipFlop Mom said...

You already know my take on this girl!!!!

Mere said...

I think he needed to be taught a lesson as well....I will be praying for Justin as well! Hope you had a blessed Easter!!

Luv ya, Mere