Wednesday, April 4, 2007

My first ever blog entry!

hmmm well i posted one i thought but now i can't find it. so here it is again lol.
I decided since this was the first time ever i do this that i would make it simple.
This photo is of my son's quilt that i just finished making about a month ago.
He was given the quilt for Christmas. The story behind the quilt is this: About 6 years ago I wanted to buy an embroidery machine. Since I have a basic sewing machine, when we found one in our price range (under 1000 dollars) we decided that even though all it did was embroidery that would be ok. Right before we bought it, a friend's husband called. He knew we were looking for one and he had found one on ebay like his wife owned, that not only embroideried but was a really nice computerized sewing machine with many built in stitches. We had never looked on ebay before (but we do now lol). Anyway we checked it out, and several others that didn't do as much as this one. We decided to bid on it and if we didn't get it, we could still buy the other one we had found. The opening bid was $566 and we opened with that. For the next few hours we anxiously watched the bidding on this machine and the others that were similiar. Finally the bidding was over! We had won the bid! God hid this machine from everyone and we got it for the $566 we bid plus shipping! All of the other machines went for over $1000, which was more then we could spend! God is so good! He truly does care about us in every way!
The embroidery card that I used on son's quilt was an "extra" that the lady I bought the machine from sent me. Along with alot of "extras" that were worth more then $100. I was so blessed! When my son saw the card he asked for a quilt with those on it but since he had just gotten a quilt , it took awhile for me to make this one for him.
He was so surprised to see the blocks on Christmas eve as I only worked on them while he was at work. He now has it on his bed!


FlipFlop Mom said...

ahhhh I LOVE the quilt!!! I don't think I knew that story!! thanks for sharing it!! and GREAT BLOG!!! I'm gonna love it.. I KNOW!!! Can't wait to read your devotionals!!!!

Mere said...

What an AMAZING story!! I like your blog!! Your doing GREAT!!! You're now on my blogs-to-read list!!


Laurel Wreath said...

Beautiful quilt!! Welcome to Blog world =)