Saturday, April 7, 2007

It is soooo cold here!

It is 44 here now and feels like 39! that is just to cold for south louisiana this time of year! We are having sleet! ugh that is gonna make it interesting to bbq tomorrow lol.

Now I know you northern people are saying "what a wimp!" LOL. But that is why I live here. While I think I love snow, I think I love the concept of snow in truth. And probably cause we don't get much snow here, and only about once every 10 years.

oh well enough of my pity party, it is time for son to go to work.

have a lovely blessed easter !


FlipFlop Mom said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA .. yesem... you are a wimpo!!!!!! But I still love ya!!! and COMPLETELY understand.. no bbq here tomorrow.. nice comfy oven roasters... mmmmm praising God all day long for such yummies!!!

Linda said...

It is snowing in central Indiana. Unbelievable. Last week we were wearing flip-fops and shorts. Well, I wasn't wearing shorts because my legs look like walking snow, but you know what I mean. Have a blessed Easter!

Laurel Wreath said...

Yep it is cold in Florida also, what is up with that. I am glad I bought a sweater with my Easter skirt ;) At the time I thought I was crazy, now I am thankful.

Mere said...

You poor thing!! I would DIE!!! I love my south Texas weather!!


Happywife84 said...

lol..I"m so sorry you are having that weather! Sounds like here in Indy! I got SO cold yesterday! It took 3 blankets & 2 cups of hot choclate for me to feel "warm" lol I was out in the cold a lot yesterday!

Hope I"m posting right! This is my 1st time to post! Going to set up my own blog today I hope!