Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I've been tagged !

Ok I am supposed to tell you 10 things about myself you may not know. hmmm

1. I love the Lord, but you probably figured that out lol.

2. I enjoy quilting and knitting.

3. I like to be organized but not always doing the organizing lol.

4. I would rather scrub the toilet then mop the floors.

5. I started graying at age 17, and was mostly gray before age 30.

6. We have four children here and 5 with the Lord.

7. We have three daughters and a son, and in grandchildren we have 3 grandsons and a granddaughter so far.

8. I dislike drinking water, and drink tea mostly, occasionally a dr pepper.

9. I love to fish, but only when the weather is not to hot, not to cold.

10. I hate strawberries and oysters.


Kerry said...

I started going gray early too. I started coloring my hair right after my son was born. He's 11 now. I have no idea what color my REAL hair is, but when my roots start to grow out it looks like Spiderman shot my head with a giant spiderweb, lol.

Mere said...

I LOVE your facts!! TFS!!


lthoov said...

As I was reading your information.. I noticed something was missing...You never mentioned that your favorite daughter was Leslie....HAHAHAHA...LOVE YA

cajunquilter said...

and Keri will say she is and Kaci will say she is lol

love you too,

Kay said...

I'm not mom's favorite...I'm daddy's favorite. ;-P

cajunquilter said...

you two are too funny lol.

love mom

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by 2nd Cup! Glad to know we have over-zealous shopping husbands in common!